Nikkicub! (nikkicub) wrote in anti_otaku_com,

Another new member.

I work in an anime store. Sometimes, I work at conventions.

I think that says it all, really.

Who wants to hear about my adventures at AKON?

You Are Not Japanese. Stop It.
Okay. I've come to terms with tween girls squealing out a shrill, badly-pronounced "KAWAII!" But stop pronouncing English words with Japanese accents. That guy in Death Note? His name is Light. Creator said so. STOP CALLING HIM 'RAITO' OR I'LL SMOTHER YOU WITH THAT RYUK PLUSHIE. Especially if you can't pronounce a Japanese 'R'. His name is Light. You're not Japanese. No one will ever think you are Japanese.

We also had someone ask for "Fake". They insisted on calling it "Fah-keh". Lord save me, I'd rather have the "Chawbits" and "My-Haim" people. IT'S NOT KAWAII, PEOPLE. IT'S NOT KAWAII AT ALL.

"Mayn-gas" bothers me too. It's mahn-ga(actually, mah-n-ga, I suppose), and the plural is the some as the singular. But I'll forgive you for that, since... you're not Japanese.

...that's really the only thing relating to the com. The rest is just Retail Pain x10. Although, yesterday we had random Naruto cosplayers in the store. Apparently, they dressed up as Sakura and Sasuka to go buy anime. What the hell?
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Oh you poor, poor person. May I inquire about your health/sanity?

It sucks to work at an anime store, especially if you're Asian or something. I'm Chinese, but everyone flocks towards me because I'm Asian, I have a "stereotypical Asian" haircut, and I happen to wear cute things, leading to the conclusion that I /must/ be Japanese. Sickening.

What is with that cosplaying just to buy anime? Even actual Japanese people who like manga do not cosplay to buy manga. Some of my friends have also cosplayed randomly to places, like stuff from Naruto and Kingdom Hearts. I am ashamed.
I totally agree. Damn Wapanese scum...
Agreed. I actually find myself incapable of saying anything but "Light" when speaking English. If I'm speaking in Japanese, by golly gosh I'll say "Raito". It'd be pointless to say "Light", because no one would know what the heck I was talking about.

Why the HELL can't otaku figure out that SAME GOES FOR INSERTING JAPANESE WORDS INTO ENGLISH. The only exception I can fathom is if the word wasn't derived from English (or is an integral part of English now, like karaoke). If it's not, like "soba" "edamame", PLEASE try to pronounce it correctly. It sickens me when I hear "ii-da-ma-mii". HELL no.

Oh, and another exception, this time pertaining to speaking English with a Japanese accents. You are only permitted to do that in Japan, because even if they claim to know English, they will NOT know what you're saying unless you speak in Engrish. It's sad. And it makes me wanna beat the shit outta the Japanese school systems for emphasizing everything BUT pronunciation.
Ooh, that has to be horrible. I don't work in an anime store, but I went into this cute shop that sold anime, game, and kawaii-culture paraphernalia in Savannah a few years back. I was having a nice time browsing until these three creeps (one greasy fat otaku, one skinny greasy otaku, and one scary fangirl) were chattering in forced high pitched voices and tossing around liberally the only 5-10 words of Japanese they knew. The girl had cat ears and the larger guy looked like he wore his shirt more times than he's washed it.

The shopkeeper went from looking sunny to looking like she wanted to DIE.



March 1 2008, 21:43:07 UTC 10 years ago

Oh, you poor thing.

Thank god that in the area of England I live in, we haven't been invaded by these idiots yet. Really, they give the intelligent Manga readers amongst us a bad name.

I must admit, I'm a self-confessed addict when it comes to Anime and such thing. Yes, being a teen' I do have a slight 'fangirl' streak about me, but at least I keep quiet about it. If they want to speak Japanese so badly, why the heck don't they just take classes? I don't kid myself that I live in Tokyo, sure, I find the culture intriguing and I've even found myself trying some of the food, but it's because I /want/ to, not because it's 'kawaii' or whatever to do so.


September 27 2010, 12:49:53 UTC 7 years ago

Sometimes, folks are just a bit lazy and don't want to take off their costumes and make-up after leavin' an event. You sure there wasn't any event going on that day?

Either that, or they just finished their costumes and wanted to show them off as soon as possible and thought an anime shop was the best place to try it. xD;;

Everything else is pretty bad, but the last could be totally alright, in my opinion!