Nato (nebachanezar) wrote in anti_otaku_com,

Fun quotes

I just joined this community so I thought I would post some of the most disgusting quotes that I could think of. I know many otaku, and they always say stupid things related to Japan and or anime, but one friend has the ability to totally sicken me with her otaku-induced japanophilia. (needless to say I will have many more stories and quotes.) The first quote was from her first year of college, I was taking a night class with her because I was working full time at the time, but I was glad we were taking a class together. Unfortunately the class was Intro to Japanese History. The first night of class the teacher goes around the room asking why everyone is taking the class, she gets to my friend, my friend replies, "because I love Japan with all my heart." At this time the only exposure to Japan that she has had is years of obsessing over anime, manga, yaoi, and jrock in highschool. Another quote that made me sad on the inside was a few years latter when I was helping arrange a school study abroad to Japan, she says to me, "in Japan it will be like an anime convention everyday."

Also another thing she does which I'm not sure if anyone else has experience with is when she speaks Japanese (which she studies obsessively) she artificially raises the pitch of her voice to inhuman levels. I'm assuming because she wants to sound like the girls in anime? No one else I know Japanese or otherwise tries to sound so Japanese when they speak Japanese.

Thanks for letting me rant.

BTW, on the topic of otaku, I also go to college with the one and only duelin' dan:
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