reaperofflames (reaperofflames) wrote in anti_otaku_com,

Me, Otaku?

I do not wish to waste anyone's time. It is late at night/early in the morning and I was just cruising through my friend's journals, taking a little break from the 503 page book that I have to have read by Wednesday. Deep hurting.
Anyway, I like anime and manga. I mean, really like them. They're two of my favorite things in the world, actually. Does that make me an otaku? If I like the American and Japanese versions of Super Milk Chan equally, does that make me an otaku, or, as some people would say, an idiot?
I have noticed that Japanese anime contains some of the most creative concepts I've ever heard of. This is not to say that American culture is lacking creativity, far from it (Jhonen Vasquez, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Genndy Tartokovsky, Craig McCracken, and Maxwell Atoms spring to mind. And those are only a few cartoonists), but, sadly, it is being held hostage by Britney Spears and *gulp* Paris Hilton. It is not healthy. I must admit, I would rather spend a day with otakus than five minutes with Ms. Hilton.
I guess what I am asking is, what is an otaku? How can I avoid becoming one? How can I help someone who is? Is it normal to want to projectile vomit out of every orifice at the mere mention of the words "Paris" and "Spears"?
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