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The Lonesome Cry of the Anti-Otaku <-sorry couldn't think of anything better lol what a lame title

Hello it’s been some time since I posted here, but I thought I should contribute something in order to possibly get the ball dusted off and back rolling again. Also, I had some thoughts and feelings swimming around in my head, and I thought I’d just take the opportunity to write them out and share them with you all now at this community, since this is the ideal place for thoughts of such a nature. Bear with me this may get a bit lengthy, but I’ll try to cut it down and sum things up as much as I can manage to (I’m not known to be always very good at it, so you’re warned).

There are many of us out there, in both the world existing online and that found outside the realm of the virtual internet who may in fact just only happen to like a very select few certain specific anime series and films and/or manga series, existing in whichever specific genres, or with some seemingly not truly belonging any existing genre or known common classification of anime/manga at all (*cough* like most of the kind I myself like and have preference for). And with us, it really pretty much ends there. We casually-to-seriously like these shows, and treat them like they are just another type of show we like, putting them alongside our other favourite American shows, live-action or animated. So in other words we’re the types who will put the titles of some anime shows (whether currently broadcasting on American/Canadian/wherever we live outside Japan television airwaves or not) casually in with other shows like Law & Order and The Simpsons, and we may not even put them under a separate "anime" category. Or we will. Regardless of whether we give them a separate category or not, we still don’t see them as automatically being either necessarily superior or necessarily inferior to the other popular live-action American shows we watch on network TV. If we do, it’s certainly not simply based on them being anime and from Japan.

We’re not obsessive to the point where try and watch all anime from every genre and classification that’s out there, simply because it’s anime and we’re expected to as "Otaku", like it’s somehow part of "personal duties" that we are obligated to fulfil upon joining the cult that is anime fandom. But some of us just don’t want to join that cult, that surrounding subculture that is so wide-spread it’s impossible to avoid (especially on the net). We only want to like certain anime without having to make it part of our outright lifestyle, our way of thinking and seeing things then being made to strongly correlate to our interests in animation and/or comics (or whatever type of media really) from Japan. It doesn’t become an all-consuming passion for us as it does for sadly far too many others out there who start getting into anime or some product of Japanese pop culture by some means or another. The label "Otaku" is something we outright refuse to have anything to do with us, many of us (reasonably) detest it and all it stands for.

And we just can’t, most of us, find ourselves able to relate to the general wider anime fan populace and wide-spread community found both online and offline, since the larger majority of them on average practically embody the common stereotypes and conventions and certain (what is widely seen as) "criteria" for being an obsessive “kawaii” acting anime fanboy/fangirl…in other words an Otaku.

These are people such as myself who exist in small and sadly seemingly further dwindling numbers out there in the general spectrum of anime fandom (or rather, just outside of it), and with the establishment of this community I hope to entice more to come out of their hiding so they can find like-minded individuals to socialise with and get support from. I know this was too specific and perhaps too limiting a goal to aspire to for this community, and I was well aware that most people joining would likely be what could be seen as otherwise fairly typical and moderately-to-highly obsessed and passionate anime fans, but who also had a lot of critiques of the Otaku subculture and even in some cases of certain anime itself and genres of anime. These people are more than welcome in this community as I made clear in the profile and rules for this community. I certainly am not one to deny them a place here to rant, rave and debate as much as they want about whatever is concerning them with regards to anime fandom, anime and related subjects. As you know we only encourage it, even among those types who may otherwise be able to fit in with most other anime fans of their type (be they shoujo and yaoi fans, mecha fans, or what have you).

I only wanted to now explain further some (but it should be said *not all*) of what I want out of this community personally, but mostly I wrote this up in order to bring some attention to what type of anime fan I am, so that I may be able to possibly find others either within this community or elsewhere lurking here who feel similar ways to me where concerns their feelings towards anime and its associated fandom subculture and related subcultures and cliques. Who don’t feel the urge to consume nearly every piece of anime or media/arts type of most any sort that comes out of Japan and worship Japan and Japanese people and just generally all things Japanese.

Some of you may or may not additionally be interested in other parts of Japanese culture, whether pop or historical/traditional, but so long as you aren’t like those types who develop an unhealthy and pathetic worshipful Japanophilia and that mostly relates to being into anime and Otaku in their inclinations and/or to having certain fetishes wanting to be satisfied that Japan can offer to them (fetishes such as "pretty Japanese boys (who resemble "bishounen" style of characters in anime/manga)" and "kawaii" giggling Japanese schoolgirls), then you will probably be able to relate to us. And for that matter to the sibling community to this one, Anti-Japanophilia .

I would like to be able to go into this at more length and depth, the many reasons behind and ways in which people like me differ so dramatically from the larger majority of anime fans within all different classes of categorization and groupings but this just wouldn’t be the right time or possibly the right venue at this moment. I'd much rather post such a more detailed write-up/personal essay of sorts at the site I plan to build that this community was supposed to correspond to, The Anti-Otaku Site. And some day I will build that site, it may take years more before it finally is presentable to the general web-surfing public.

In the meantime, this is what I felt like getting out of my system now. Let me just finish by adding that I do like the way this community has been going for the most part, I’ve read some interesting and funny discussions, some very good points being brought to light and a lot of scary-funny and very important to share personal Otaku encounter stories. Here’s to seeing this community only continue to grow and thrive in its activity (which sadly seems to be dwindling of lately as you can all see).
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