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I saw this community and decided to join. In short: I hate otaku.  I don't care wether they're Japanese or non-Japanese, the culture creeps me out.
I have a friend I've known for almost 10 years.  He is the closest thing I know to an otaku that I can tolerate in person, and I still have my limits.  While he isn't as bad as most otaku (he is well aware that Japanese-style animation is not superior, nor are the games) he fits the bill in the "I have no sense of reality" sense.

Girls he develops crushes on, he will try his damnedest to affix them to the current anime he's into and pretty much ignore protests with only a sad little grunt in reply.  Games, too; he will reccomend many a game without anyone asking.  Maybe it doesn't sound like much, but the fact that:

  1. 85% of the conversation with him will include inside jokes from game/anime/otakucentric websites that he knows only a subculture would automatically pick up on.  Not "occassional" inside joke-- "MAJORITY."
  2. When we go shopping or go out to eat with friends, he will bring along either some manga he got or his PS2 filled with anime  or 4chan or 2ch finds he wants to shove in our faces while we're talking about other things or eating.  He's also done the shoving-in-face while we watch films.
  3. He'll either get mad or do his little grunt that I mentioned earlier in reply to any of our protests.
  4. He spends much of his income pre-ordering new games and consoles as well as buying manga and figures or hardware for his PC for a new game.  However, he complains about not having enough money to pay his bills.
  5. He tries too hard to get his friends, especially female friends, into the new thing he likes.  He will talk about it until someone stops him.  And then, he will pick up on it again if given the chance.
 -- makes him an otaku in a most critical sense. It's a bit sad because he's trying to use it as a bridge to communicate with us.  But, after 10 years, there is so much people can take.  We are in college, finding careers, talking about moving off, and he will talk about wanting to do the same... only to dissolve into trying to tell his friends "hey, you should get a DS lite. They're cheap!"  or "RightStuf (an anime mail order shop) is having a sale. You sould get this..."

I get really mad when he suggests I invest in a console or a boxed set of anime DVDs.  I decline. He says "Why? It's only (some 2 or 3 figure price I can't fathom frivolously right now)."

"Because I have bills to pay."
"Because I have to get supplies for this final project that's coming up."
"You know, my car has to eat, and so do I."

I don't hear about many otaku like him.  But trust me, he is otaku.  He's not wapanese (not completely; while his biggest fandom is Japanese doujin, games, and animation, he collects things from other countries producing similar media as well), but he IS otaku.

As someone who is studying graphic design with illustration as my specialty, it's always annoying to see people who want to get into illustration study the "How to Draw Manga" books.  I've found them good for getting you in the mood to just draw, but they're a poor guide (that's another rant altogether).

And don't get me started on the copic marker (an illustration marker made in Japan generally used by mangaka who still use traditional media) fanbase; don't get me started...

Um, hi!
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