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anti_otaku_com's Journal

Destroy all otakus
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Welcome to the official Anti-Otaku LJ Community, companion community to Anti Otaku: The Site which is currently still in progress of being built.

This is a comunity to unite all those of us who are fed up with the perennially irritating fanDUMB surrounding anime/manga/all things Japanese, which only seems to be growing worser and worser each day as it expands into a wide-spread popular and now very "in" trend a lot of people feel pressured to join the bandwagon of being a part of. We're sick of the herd mentality shared in by the larger percentage of those that make up the anime fandom community found both online and off, the group consensus problem among smaller groups and circles of fandoms related and connected in some way to anime and/or manga and/or just about anything Japanese in origin of production, and other problems involving blind conformity and peer pressure in various types of anime fandom circles.

Here is a place where the anti-otaku can freely vent out personal frustrations and peeves they have with anime fans. It's also strongly encouraged to let out any rants anyone may have regarding certain aspects of anime/manga itself, whether it's certain genres or sub-genres of anime/manga (like harem comedies or hentai) or certain individual series and films, voice actors (we refuse to call them "seiyuu" since that's just the Japanese word for voice actors anyway. It's just a sign of otaku pretention to use "seiyuu"), characters, directors, animators, animation production houses/teams, companies, studios, and what have you. There will be no "OMG yur not a tru anime fan!!111!!" accusations flying around here if someone dares to say, criticize popular series like Fushigi Yuugi or Evangelion. If there is, members will be immediate subject to banning, so take that as a warning.

Other rules and codes of conduct to be sure to follow around here are:

Always try your best to express your opinions and views on a subject or issue as constructively as possible. Meaning try and provide good supportive arguments and even examples that serve as back-up for your opinions and views. Put real effort into your arguements and criticisms. In other words, don't just say something like "Ranma 1/2 sucks!" or "anime fans are stupid" without at least elaborating just a little on the whyfor and how of these things. Try to actively go out of your way to prove your points when engaging in heated debate with other members. Yes, it may be annoying and can be hard work to have to do so, but it's worth it if you want to convince someone you're right or at least have good, legitimate reasons to think or feel a certain way about a certain issue or subject.

Another rule we (the maintainers) cannot stress enough for people to try and adhere to is to act respectfully towards each other, with open-mindedness and tolerance of differing views and feelings. There are always people who aren't going to share your opinion, so keep that in mind and don't take it so personally when someone voices that they disagree in some way or another with what you've expressed.

I aim to make this a community comprised of mature, level-headed, intelligent people who just happen to like some anime and/or manga (or it can just be something else that's Japanese or Asian in origin, like a Japanese musician or actor) and are sick of overly obsessive and annoying fans ruining their enjoyment of their interest/hobby. They also may want to vent some annoyances they have with certain aspects of anime itself, and can't go anywhere else without being subject to ganging up of people who act like schoolyard bullies toward them as a result of their voicing an opinion or thought that dares to deviate even just a little (or a lot) from that of the group consensus/hive mind shared in by most anime fans. We intend for this place to serve as something of a refuge from that crap. Let's try and keep it that way.

Oh, and please do feel free to have some fun while you're here. Socialise casually amongst each other, by all means. You don't have to just simply rant and rave, after all. Just as mentioned, try to maintain a basic level of decency and respect toward one another.

Thank you,
Burning Ghost and Dante the Mouse.

Related communities to this one that if you consider yourself anti-Otaku, will likely find also of some interest to you: The Anti-Japanophilia Community (clearly, there's a strong link between Otaku and Japanophilia/Asian fetishists) and English Dubbed Anime Support (because we're all too well aware of how in the majority of cases being an Otaku means you must be a purist and be irrationally prejudiced towards all dubs, and how they accuse you of not being a true anime fan for liking them. Especially if you happen to actually *prefer* them to subs in many cases).