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Greetings / The Definition of a Wapanese

Hey guys. I am new here.

I have several topics I am going to post about within this community.
OK, first up. The Definition of a Wapanese.

I stumbled across the urbandictionary page and was browsing the definition for wapanese. Most of the definitions for wapanese were usually negative or comical, but then I ran across one this one, saying:

A highly derogatory term similar to wigger that pertains to any person, usually Caucasian, who esteems Japanese culture. Many people hold backward views of these individuals; they immediately associate them with animé and hentai. This is not the case, however; it is instead an example of how intolerant people are.

Generally, people think 'Wapanese' are young males under the age of twenty. People tend to think that these individuals live with their parents until their thirties... which I believe is a disgusting generalization.

The 'Wapanese' (which is a contraction for White Japanese or Wanna Be Japanese) simply feel that Japanese culture is intriguing. Many do not, as the populace stereotype, discard their heritage arbitrarily. Is a person of British decent who wants to learn Japanese, knowing that it will take years or decades, Wapanese if they eat traditional British food and use conversational English in their daily lives? Would one label them 'Wapanese' if they also enjoy watching anime and listening to J-Pop for the simple reason they consider it appealing?

The term 'Wapanese' is a slur used by insecure people to describe other people in cultural limbo. It is an example of the blatant stupidity people carry in their heads. 'Wapanese' is simply a cultural preference, if you may. It is an example of the narrow-mindedness many people posses.

'Wapanese' is a disgusting stereotype, alike to the notion that all Caucasian people who listen to hip-hop are wiggers. Both are grossly politically incorrect.

Now there is some truth at the beginning about how some people use the word Wapanese or even Japanophile. I do not think that someone who has casual or coincidental interest in something japanese can always be labeled a Wapanese/Japanophile. In fact, I believe that the terms 'Wapanese' and 'Japanophile', while closely related, are not always directly connected, in some cases, for example:

A person with an obsession over everything japanese minus the desire to become a japanese could be labeled a Japanophile by itself. A Wapanese is usually someone who desires to become Japanese typically based on a misguided perception of Japan. That being said, Japanophilia itself can exist independantly from the 'wapanese syndrome', though 'wapanese syndrome' itself almost ALWAYS stems from Japanophilia.

However, calling all of us stupid or insecure for using the term (provided it is used appropriately) is foolish. The author tries to manipulate people by making them feel guilty for not accepting Otaku's delusions, something which they themselves probably hold to.

That's it for now. There's more to come, so stick around. :P
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