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I saw this community and decided to join. In short: I hate otaku.  I don't care wether they're Japanese or non-Japanese, the culture creeps me out.
I have a friend I've known for almost 10 years.  He is the closest thing I know to an otaku that I can tolerate in person, and I still have my limits.  While he isn't as bad as most otaku (he is well aware that Japanese-style animation is not superior, nor are the games) he fits the bill in the "I have no sense of reality" sense.

Girls he develops crushes on, he will try his damnedest to affix them to the current anime he's into and pretty much ignore protests with only a sad little grunt in reply.  Games, too; he will reccomend many a game without anyone asking.  Maybe it doesn't sound like much, but the fact that:

  1. 85% of the conversation with him will include inside jokes from game/anime/otakucentric websites that he knows only a subculture would automatically pick up on.  Not "occassional" inside joke-- "MAJORITY."
  2. When we go shopping or go out to eat with friends, he will bring along either some manga he got or his PS2 filled with anime  or 4chan or 2ch finds he wants to shove in our faces while we're talking about other things or eating.  He's also done the shoving-in-face while we watch films.
  3. He'll either get mad or do his little grunt that I mentioned earlier in reply to any of our protests.
  4. He spends much of his income pre-ordering new games and consoles as well as buying manga and figures or hardware for his PC for a new game.  However, he complains about not having enough money to pay his bills.
  5. He tries too hard to get his friends, especially female friends, into the new thing he likes.  He will talk about it until someone stops him.  And then, he will pick up on it again if given the chance.
 -- makes him an otaku in a most critical sense. It's a bit sad because he's trying to use it as a bridge to communicate with us.  But, after 10 years, there is so much people can take.  We are in college, finding careers, talking about moving off, and he will talk about wanting to do the same... only to dissolve into trying to tell his friends "hey, you should get a DS lite. They're cheap!"  or "RightStuf (an anime mail order shop) is having a sale. You sould get this..."

I get really mad when he suggests I invest in a console or a boxed set of anime DVDs.  I decline. He says "Why? It's only (some 2 or 3 figure price I can't fathom frivolously right now)."

"Because I have bills to pay."
"Because I have to get supplies for this final project that's coming up."
"You know, my car has to eat, and so do I."

I don't hear about many otaku like him.  But trust me, he is otaku.  He's not wapanese (not completely; while his biggest fandom is Japanese doujin, games, and animation, he collects things from other countries producing similar media as well), but he IS otaku.

As someone who is studying graphic design with illustration as my specialty, it's always annoying to see people who want to get into illustration study the "How to Draw Manga" books.  I've found them good for getting you in the mood to just draw, but they're a poor guide (that's another rant altogether).

And don't get me started on the copic marker (an illustration marker made in Japan generally used by mangaka who still use traditional media) fanbase; don't get me started...

Um, hi!
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Welcome to the community! That rant you shared describes the ultra-obsessive nature of most Otaku perfectly. Sometimes it can prove hard for me to get my head around jus how obsessive anime fans/gamers (there's a big overlap, as you know) can be about their interests. Yet I have my share of theories as to why they act and think the way they do.

One theory is that the droning on obsessively and enthusiastically about their anime and the surrounding subculture is due to a lack of good social skills and/or can be ascribed to sexual confusion/frustration for so many of them. Another reason I feel that Otaku can't stop talking about their anime/manga and gaming (and usually most things Japanese pop culture) around others, even those obviously not as interested as they are (if at all), is that they feel almost some sort of duty to recruit others into their cultish subculture. This feeling of obligation to get others to think and see things the way they do is just another result of the overwhelming pressure put on anime fans by other anime fans to do this and be this way, to herd all into the same pen for lack of a better metaphor to use here.

In short, the Otakus are out to destroy the world! They will keep corrupting many more naive innocents unless we do join forces to unite against them, to fight the disease they are spreading that is Otakuism. I'm not even exaggerating here, that's what's really sad. If only I was exaggerating the truth of things, but I'm afraid I'm not. Anyways...welcome aboard to our coalition to fight Otakuism. I'm sure you will be a productive part of our group in your contributions to our most important cause.
Holy shit,
when you said "sexual confusion/frustration," that SO hit the nail on the head for him. After all these years, I had never taken a moment to consider that to apply to him- but it makes sense, considering most of the girls he's tried to pick up involved the same techniques used in a dating sim (buying WAY too many things for them, beating them at a game and hoped they liked him better for it, etc.). I'm serious, I hadn't actually glued those two things together with him.

He both lacks good social skills and frustration. A friend of mine (who he has a hoplessly obsessive crush on and refuses to accept she is NOT intrested in him; he does everything in his power to try and label her otaku because she likes anime) actually copy/pasted your comment to him (saying she found it at random) to see his reaction. He said:

Him: lol, neither does my life, but I'd still be considered an otaku.
Him: anyway, people only post stuff like that because they have a friend who's a wapanese who annoys the living piss out of them, but they're too passive-agressive to say anything about it, they're trolls, or they're a wapanese themselves, and they're trying to be "hillariously edgy."

Followed by:
Him: oh, and in case you've forotten, a troll is basically someone who's so lame, and socially inept, the only way they know how to interact with people is to go online and pick a fight for no reason. they'll post a deliberate flame on some message board, because they validate their existence by laughing at your attempts to to win what they feel is a rather pointless argument.
Him: pretty sad, no?

I didn't know what to say. He's also a pseudo-intellectual as well, filled with useless facts no one wants to know. :( Whenever we hang out and he does his thing, I'll provide a write up on him for this group to analyze as one of the many kinds of otaku specimen.

Nonetless, thank you for your welcome! *salute* I'm a proud soldier in the fight against the otaku!
Pseudo-intellectual would be the right word for it, "pseudo" being the operative here. As in he's not a true intellectual. Believe me I know them when I see them, I've been dealing with them most of my life. He's a presumptuous, pretentious fool trying to pass himself off as being oh-so-astutely perceptive about the world around him and certain types of people in it. Take for example him assuming I must be a troll who's wapanese myself. That couldn't be any farther from the truth, seeing as how I not only own the anti-japanophilia community but find myself complaining about the problems of Japan and its culture on a frequent basis. I don't rant because I'm trying to gain some sort of "edge" or any other status being projected to others, but because I sincerely happen to be bothered by a lot of the bad points of Japanese society, culture (both pop and traditional. And this of course includes anime/manga/video games), history and how a lot of people are there (if not all, I don't generalize regardless).

And of course he’s sexually frustrated...why do you think he watches anime where one geeky unattractive guy manages to miraculously attract a bevy of extraordinarily beautiful and sexy women (and young girls) to him who fight over him constantly? Maybe I’m just assuming, myself, now, that he watches that stuff, but I would be seriously surprised if he didn’t, being the typical otaku type he comes across as. He probably lusts after Rei Ayanami and other pedo-bait female characters who are listless, vacuous-minded and submissive...just what otaku seem to look for in women. He’s likely frustrated that hardly any girls in real life is quite like that, outside of Japan that is, where most women are a lot more repressive. How much do you want to bet he’s one of those types who will soon be looking for a Japanese girlfriend since he can’t get one just to his appeal/fetish here?
Oh, you are NOT assuming about him being a harem anime fan. He's ridiculously partial to it, his current favorites being Chobits and Love Hina...

He is also a Gainax fan, a studio I could never get into because most of their work was underaged fanservice. When we went to an animation convention, I remember him debating over paying close to $20 for a Rei soap dish (he decided against it, I dont think his mother would approve of it in her bath- for good reason).

I'm still counting down the days he does do the whole "looking for a Japanese girlfriend" thing. Right now, he'll settle for any girl who will "take care of him and treat him nice" and not embarass him in public for his otakuness. Lord knows, he does that enough. did I know it was Chobits and Love Hina? -headdesk- There's such a pattern to these kinds of people that it leaves me wondering what could possibly be going through their heads.
I really hope there's a scientific study done on these types.
I swear, they're so easy to make a buck off of, too. But I can't bring my soul to put up with that kind of otaku drivel.
"Otaku drivel". LULZ

If there isn't already a study done, there needs to be. When I went to my first convention a few months ago and went in search of a plushie, I met my first otaku. And I was scared. O____o; I think she seriously believed these characters were real!
God I hate people like that. However I think the saddest aspect of your friend's personality is him trying to get his friends to like the anime shows that he likes or dating won't work. What the hell? GROW UP! D:
Seriously. This guy is 24. We have tried everything in our power to consider how he's been, but he's too stubborn (or scared, we can't tell) to let go of his old mannerisms.

Maybe if he's lucky, he'll find an otaku girl he can confide in. I should talk him into signing up for Otaku Booty.
24? Yeah, he definitely needs to grow up. At this rate he is NEVER going to get a girlfriend unless he manages to snag a 14 year old.

One of my BIGGEST turn offs in a guy is a guy that still acts like a little kid even though he isn't one anymore. I like men that are responsible and know what their priorities are. D:
That guy sounds a lot like one of my ex-boyfriends...ugh, I can't stand the type. >_<

And as for those "How to Draw Manga" books...I have a couple that I use for reference, but I've more or less developed my own style of drawing by now. I used to get frustrated that I couldn't get my comics and cartoons to look exactly like the extravagant characters on the cover art, but then after a few years I was like "Eh, screw it; I've got to do what's right for me." (Hopefully, I'll be going to an art school in the fall.) Same thing with the copic markers, which to this day I've never used - I could never make my colored illustrations look like "real manga," which frustrated me before I got into experimenting with other non-digital media to give my art a more "unique" look.

Anyway, welcome to the community!
Yay for experimentation and good luck on getting in!
And good for you on the copics. I'll just say this: you didn't miss a thing. Aside from them staying moist if you ever forget to put the cap on them, there isn't much diffrence between those and Prismacolor or even Pantone markers. My friend got a set when she was living in Japan. We're still not impressed, lol.
I always hear stories like this, and I always wonder the same thing:

Since when did liking a person stop being a prerequisite for friendship?

Also, doing a google image search for "Copic marker" produces some NSFW images. Just thought I'd share that.
He's so picky when it comes to women. Not too long ago, for the first time in his live, a very nice looking woman showed up and wanted to exchange numbers with him after he helped her out in the electronics department where he used to work.

He decided against getting to know her because she was "too trendy, tanned, and wore makeup." She was a year older than him and was a schoolteacher and loved discussing politics with him. But she wasn't otaku enough for him. A big waste, it was.

And your icon brings back good memories. <3
Umm...what? I was talking about how people seem to HATE their otaku friends. We all have nit-picks and peeves with friends, but when it's an otaku friend, they're talked about with a distinct tone of hatred.
Oh, misread.
I don't see how us wanting him to get his priorities in life straight creates a "distinct tone of hatred." Never said he should die, or that I wanted him to fail. When problems have risen from his overindulgences, we offer to help him. He'll either try for a bit, give up, wallow in self pity, or just be stubborn and not listen while... wallowing in more self-pity.

As friends, we try to help him. But after what will soon be a decade in September, frustration tends to occurr. That's speaking for me and mine, though.
That's just how it comes off to me, is all. You don't necessarily have to come out and say "I hope that fucker dies a slow lingering death in gutter" to show contempt.

Personally, though, I don't know how you couldn't feel some contempt for someone like that. I hate to sound like an internet tough guy (I always seem to, unfortunately), but if I had a friend that long, and they never listened to my concerns for them, I'd simply cut my losses. I had a friend who became an otaku of sorts (not for anime, for something else) and just a general lame guy. Long story short (and believe me, it's a very long story), my circle of friends just sorta severed ties after it became evident that our friendship didn't mean anything to him. I still feel bad, and don't wish him ill, but I still can't stand what he became.
This is late, I know (I'm just checking my messages). But what you said made me seriously reconsider adressing him via an ultimatum, if even that.

The idea of our group, or rather, myself drifting away from him seems hard, with what after knowing him for almost 10 years. At the same time, it gets tiring for us to complain about him shoving his fandom in our face, literally, at the most inappropriate times. It's a stupid pattern we've put ourselves through with him, and we need to come to terms that we're getting too old for it.

It's going to be hard because of the longer ties, but it must be done. Wish me luck, I guess.
Please get started on Copic markers. I was sad that they are too expensive for me to use because I only color as a personal hobby (though I like quality, even if I'm not doing something professionally). Please put the pin in my Copic bubble!
let us compare (Prices are USD$):
Copic's Pros:
+Last longer with the cap off (but will dry out; nibs are replaceable)
+The inks are blendable! So one can buy an empty marker (or just wait until the one you have runs out) and make your own custom colors.
+You save the environment, as each marker tube can be refilled up to six times.
+Optional airbrush system avalible
+While I won't set this in stone, you can probably use it on any thick art papers without it being a "sponge", taking in more ink than needed.

Copic's Cons:
+The markers cost $5.95
+The refills for one marker are $6.95
+Harder to find retail, will most likely have to mail order.

Prismacolor's Pros:
+Cheap and retail-avalible! (Most places sell them no higher for $3.50 apeice. If you see higher, do NOT pay for it. The place I've refrenced sells them for $2.18)
+Probably on eBay for a good price.
+Rich, bold colors that are blendable.
+Can last a VERY long time if used on non-spongy paper.

Prismacolor's Cons:
+If used on spongiery paper (like sketchbook, bristol) the ink will be used up faster. It's reccomended you use it on not so absorbent papers such as vellum (my favorite since it blends like paint), marker paper, or even that newfangled plastic paper (I have yet to try that).
+Non-refillable. If one runs out, you have to just get another marker.
+they smell funny, but what marker doesn't?
Refrences: (for prices)

Both of them are not acid-free, alcohol based, and non-toxic. Both are also double-ended with 3-4 varying widths. Both are also industry standard.

Copic's marker seems like a good investment marker; while the refills are higher than the marker, I don't know how many uses it takes to make them go dry. So, copic marker is suitable for someone who is a high-traffic artist and must produce lots of illustrations, 100 color thumbnails, etc etc.

However, if you only use markers on occassion, prismacolors will do fine as well. While they also accomodate for the high traffic artist, they let the hobbyist save money while still acheiving professional quality. So, you want copic quality and want to save money? Go Prismacolor if you haven't already. Don't take my word for it, though!

Many artists who are wapanese will support copic without using it full-blast- or even trying it. I see they commend it as the best just because mangaka use it. This is my main grudge against copic itself. Copics are definetly worth their price, but wapanese lovers of copic don't want to tell you they are prismacolors with a cartridge. My friend owns a full set of copics she purchased while living in Japan and she let me make a few small peices with them. When it came to the laydown of ink, the prime objective of a marker, it was no diffrent from Prismacolor brand, or even Pantone brand markers.

What I would reccomend is finding a local art store and buying just one copic and test it out (most art stores only sell -one-, they're exspensive to stock since no one will pay $6 for a marker when there's $3 ones avalible). Get a primsacolor along side it- that will be about $11 if you dont have them already.

I hope this helps some. :)
THANK YOU. Because I use Prismacolor markers now and I love them, but the attitude always seemed to be "OMFG COPIC >>>>>>>>>> PRISMACOLOR". I don't color with markers enough to need refillable cartridges, and at least I know I'm not missing out. And I love vellum like a fat kid loves cake - MESSILY.

Yeah, that made no sense, but thanks.
"And I love vellum like a fat kid loves cake - MESSILY."

I can't find either Prisma markers or Copics here. When I asked in the art shops in town I've just been told the closest thing to them (and I really can't remember the name of that marker) but I think they were somewhere between 4 and 5 pounds per marker. (According to thats between roughly $7.45 and $9.31) and theres no way I'm paying that much per marker.

I've been told they aren't making karisma color pencils anymore so does that mean no more prisma color or prisma markers?