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Three months of Hell, and then some

Bad relationships come and go, but the scars they leave can last a lifetime.

I don't know what I was thinking when I agreed to go steady with an established anime freak, but it's not something I'm proud of. This guy, whom I will refer to as "J," was completely into InuYasha (what anime "fan" isn't?), the latest PS2 releases (provided they were RPGs featuring big-eyed protagonists), swords, pocky, Adult Swim get the picture. His "fantasies" were all anime babes, he was into "role-playing," if you know what I mean...

Anyway, he knew I was somewhat into anime/manga/video games (because most people these days don't realize that I've been gradually losing interest in it), so he thought he'd found a match made in Heaven. It was fine for a while...but then, the otakuism started to take its toll. For example, he showed me his Japanese-tutorial CD-ROM (which is a program that gives audio examples of pronunciation and whatnot), and he was quizzing me on it...I pretended not to know a single word of Japanese, even though I had known much of the language at one time and was pretty good with pronunciations (though I still had an accent, naturally - I don't deny it). And there he is, sounding the phrases out word for word like "SUUU-PUUU-NN" for "spoon," and I'm holding my breath trying not to say to him, "Oh for the love of God, I can say that better" (sorry, I'm a recovering otaku myself, and I tend to have relapses every so often). And I'd like to add that the program was not taught by Japanese people, but by a Caucasian couple that had been to Japan and thought they'd make a few pretty pennies by catering to teenyboppers.

But the worst part of the ordeal was when he started imposing upon my career choices with his social illness. Now, I'm an aspiring cartoonist, and though much of my artwork is Japanese-influenced, it is by no means "manga" nor does it incorporate any of the typical manga cliches into its storyline. However, J simply could not get that through his head - he kept suggesting that I do certain things to "further my career," such as make it a web comic (something that has little success and is availible only to people with internet access), put more female characters in, put a love story in there...he might as well have been flipping through a TokyoPop promotional brochure. I asked him what credibility he had in telling me how to do my job, and he replied that he'd "talked to some web comic authors and..."

I tuned out right then and there. Long story short, he went around like he was God's gift to modern philosophy just because he watched Naruto regularly and people avoided him because of his "sophistication." I cannot even BEGIN to go into detail on the severity of his Wapanese affliction, because it makes me sick to think about. Now three months and six asprin later, here I am, with a suggestive LJ username I cannot change and a headache from all the life's lessons I learned:

Never date an otaku. They will seek to control you.
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